2015 Chevy Cruze SS Redesign

Sunday, November 10th 2013. | Chevrolet

2015 Chevy Cruze SS Rendering2015 Chevy Cruze actually is a new model for automotive companies in order to release the next lineup. It is said that the car will have a balanced interior and exterior, high quality materials, eco-friendly car concept, beauty body style and the last is its good performance. If you need an efficient fuel truck, all that you need is this car version. To know about the detail concept, here are what you can get. What we found about the information behind the reason why the car will be the 2015 model is because the previous model in 2014 predicted to be the hit of automotive market.

2015 Chevy Cruze SS

2015 Chevy Cruze SS Drawing

2015 Chevy Cruze SS Interior2015 Chevy Cruze completed with new fresh concept in order to introduce the car itself. It is tested with bold camouflaged for the prototype. That is why it is quite wondering to guess about the real car look especially for the body painting. Through the pictures, the car concept will have a sleeker model compared to the previous version. Not only that, but the car also will have a new additional feature that is a smoothed front finish which can endow. We heard that the car will have a new platform. We also found that there will be a little additional prominent for the edge of 2015 Chevy Cruze SS.

2015 Chevy Cruze Redesign

The new version will have some redesign parts. For example, it has a revised headlights. The front seam hood and door handle within the door also higher than the previous model. Moreover, we see that the rear becomes longer compared to the current series. It seems that the 2015 Chevy Cruze taillight also fully redesigned. Through the prototype, it is true that the car will have a longer model than the present. So far, the rear seat redesign will be spacious and the trunk will have more capacity.

2015 Chevy Cruze Engine 

The engine also will have a redesign concept. It is said that the car will a new diesel that is supported with Turbo engine version. Supported with the new engine, redesigned concept for both interior and exterior, it is not surprising if the car definitely could be the hit on automotive market in the next year even if there is no clarification by the company. We predict that the car will be more than we expect because the company will not show all the details directly before the announcement of 2015 Chevy Cruze.

 2015 Chevy Cruze Image Gallery

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2015 Chevy Cruze SS Redesign