2015 Chevy Traverse

Thursday, February 13th 2014. | Chevrolet

2013 Chevy Traverse View2015 Chevy Traverse is expected to come with a larger crossover SUV that could provide more spaces for a large family. However, it seems we cannot expect a major change is applied for this new generation since the 2014 model comes with some changes. So, the only possibility left for the car is that it comes with not a full redesign but will give some significant changes around its matter.

2015 Chevy Traverse Exterior

2015 Chevy Traverse likely will only get some improvements around the exterior. But we think it is not too much. Hopefully the company could at least offer a new paint colors for this new version so that there is something special is presented by the company for its enthusiasts. To make a different look, it is possible for the company to remove some parts around the exterior so there is a new characters and the enthusiasts could differentiate the current version with this new 2015 Traverse.

2015 Chevy Traverse Interior

The car has complete features inside. For the base LS level, you even could enjoy Bluetooth connectivity with rearview camera and also touchscreen display sized 6.5 inches. It is not the end because 2015 Chevy Traverse also offers a higher trim with optional accessories for the standard feature. Furthermore, there is a cooling box added by Chevy in this car which will allow you to drink in your car for a comfortable riding experience.

2015 Chevy Traverse Engine

For the engine, the car is well-equipped with V6 3.6 L that could produce for 281 horsepower and also 286 lb-ft of torque. With the support of dual-exhaust option, it can increase the output for around 288 horsepower and also 270 lb-ft of torque. It means that the car will never need to have a powerful engine anymore. However, we heard that the car will be offered with turbocharged four-cylinder. It could produce the same power but could improve the current rating for 17 mpg city and 24 mpg highway. To boast fuel economy, the engineers used auto stop with cylinder deactivation for 2015 Chevy Traverse.

2015 Chevy Traverse Release Date and Price

2015 Chevy Traverse is quite promising to be presented in fall of 2014. For the price, you can prepare yourself to buy it for around $31,000 as the estimation from the current model.

Chevy Traverse Image Gallery

Here are photos given below from previous version of Chevy Traverse.

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2015 Chevy Traverse