2015 Dodge Avenger RT Concept Replacement

Thursday, December 19th 2013. | Dodge

2015 Dodge Avenger R/T2015 Dodge Avenger surely will be the strong competitor for midsize sedan class at this time, while we expect to see all-new Avenger in 2015 series because its production has reached six years. The production of 2014 series will end in the end of 2013 which means that there will be a time to launch the new variant in 2015 to continue its debut.

2015 Dodge Avenger Exterior

2015 Dodge Avenger in fact will have a shared basic structure with the next second generation of Chrysler 200 sedan. It seems that the company is concerning on how to make the car to be the kind among its segment since the competition will be so tight. Regarding to this statement, it means that the company will work hard in order to make a bold design, more refinement in its appearance; even it is possible for the car to get a lighter bodyweight because many people are demanding this feature. By cutting the body weight, it will support the car to be the best option left for 2015 Dodge Avenger.

2015 Dodge Avenger Interior

Speaking about the interior, there will be a lot of changes applied include about the refinement and technology updates. For example, a better display screen, leather upholstery, and spacious room. In addition, there must be a more upgraded safety system predicted in this car because 2015 Dodge Avenger will be perfect if it has a lot of changes not only in its exterior, but also in interior. Hopefully there will be more infotainment system offered for this car.

2015 Dodge Avenger Engine

Finding the information about the car is not difficult because it just being the hot topic lately. We found that the car will get two engine options available. First is the standard engine that is equipped with Tigershark engine within 2.4L to deliver 172 horsepower and 184 torque of power. It is possible if the car get upgraded engine with Pentastar V6 engine to generate up to 280 horsepower and 260 feet of torque. For the standard engine version, there will be a combination with nine-speed auto transmission that could rate the fuel efficiency through 40 mpg for 2015 Avenger.

2015 Dodge Avenger Concept Replacement 

2015 Dodge Avenger for its concept will have a boosted performance which is perfect for the drivers who love a sporty sedan featured with performance-oriented refinements completed with bigger wheels, enhanced aerodynamics and also retuned suspension.

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2015 Dodge Avenger RT Concept Replacement