2015 Ferrari California Replacement and Price

Monday, February 3rd 2014. | Ferrari

2015 Ferrari California Front Side View2015 Ferrari California is produced by Italian firm. It will be built with convenience after the previous model of 2013 got a lot of problems and being too soft in its performance which cannot be said as a great car. In 2013, the car is presented and it is much better than the previous variation. With it, the company has a good consistency to develop the car. It is not surprising if then this car will be available for 2015 model.

2015 Ferrari California Exterior

2015 Ferrari California is not promising enough to come with stylish and elegant look. There will be a lot of angular in its design. Its enthusiasts are expecting that the company could make the car has a new look for its body panels. With it, of course it means that it will be less uncomfortable style. Well, again it is more about the demand for 2015 California.

2015 Ferrari California Interior

Speaking about the interior, the car previously has a clunky infortainment and also navigation system that is shared with plebeian Chryslers. We heard that the new version will get repacked system from Chrysler but at least it could provide improvements with UConnect system for 2015 Ferrari California. Some reports are saying that the car comes with strange concept. It has front mounted V8, with a cushy inside and there is a folding hardtop. It is undeniable that the car is more similar to Mercedes-Benz SL than to F12berlinetta.

2015 Ferrari California Engine

Under the hood the car could generate for almost 500 horsepower. It is not the end because it can speed up for around 60 less than 4.0 seconds. For per hour, the speeds could reach 200 miles. There is big information that 2015 Ferrari California will be powered by twin-turbocharged V8 that basically could be less than 4.0 liter. As a new engine, it is possible to generate 530 horsepower which is better than the current model that could produce 490 horsepower. We have a big hope that there is an extra 100 horsepower which is available through lithium-ion battery. It is developed and produced by Samsung which works to power 2 energy motors so there is a more efficient engine with supplementary energy functions.           

2015 Ferrari California Release Date and Price

2015 Ferrari California is expected to be available for sale around 2014 but it is as the 2015 model. Hopefully the car could be released for around spring, 2014 for sale. Likely, the car will be unveiled at Geneva Motor Show 2014 in March.

The price of the 2015 Ferrari California replacement is understood to be the same as the £152,154 of the current model.

2015 Ferrari California Spy Shots Gallery

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2015 Ferrari California Replacement and Price