2015 Ford C-Max Energi

Saturday, April 5th 2014. | Ford

2015 Ford C-Max Energi Front Angle2015 Ford C-Max concept will be introduced in Las Vegas at Consumer Electronics Show. The car is complete with solar panel on the roof so that the energy will be used to recharge the battery since the car is equipped with plug-in hybrid. It means you do not have to find out standard outlet to recharge the battery but as long as you see the direct sunlight, it is helpful for you. The company has developed special ‘hub’ to support 2015 Ford C-Max.

2015 Ford C-Max Energi LogoWith the support of battery, the car is also powered with C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid which could come with 2.351/100km with the range about 998 km. It is confirmed by the company, Ford that the use of the engine in 2015 Ford C-Max will reduce the annual emissions for about four metric tons per year for each owner of the car.

2015 Ford C-Max concept will be displayed and officially open its doors on January, 7. The technology of solar system and battery itself is based on the cooperation result with company SunPower corp and also Institute of Technology in Georgia. At this time, the company is working hard to create the concept design and the testing will be scheduled in these following months to determine whether or not the technology is ready for mass production.

Speaking about the concept, the sunshine is enough to provide the same power efficiency as the same as plug-in hybrid. The car is also completed with a comprehensive charge and the driving range could reach for about 620 miles with 21 electric-only miles for 2015 Ford C-Max.

2015 Ford C-Max of course offered a new smart technology which is undeniable that could determine the future concept of the vehicles. With this new technology also, the world has a new chance in order to make eco-friendly vehicle without sacrificing the speed performance and the power efficiency so that it leads to a new trend and demand without spending too much emissions. We also heard a report that the concept is under maintain for the fee port in order to make the drivers could have a choice to boast the energy through the grid. With the renewable power used in this car, the engine design will bring a positive impact since it could decrease the annual of greenhouse gas emission that has produced for each owner of vehicles. Hopefully, the test will come with positive result.

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2015 Ford C-Max Energi