2015 Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan

Monday, November 11th 2013. | Honda

Honda Accord Coupe2015 Honda Accord will receive several detail changes after the company working hard to add two hybrid models for 2014 lineup. It is true that the car is fully redesign that is inspired by the 2013 model. It has an improved fuel economy that brings roomy interior and loosing several bulk in it. We heard that the car will get four-door sedan and also two-door coupe. This change means that the company tries to bring the 2013 design back.

2015 Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan

Honda Accord Sedan2015 Honda Accord informed to have a fresh wheel design and a new or two color choices for the enthusiast. While we have to know that the top lists are still belong to Mazda 6 and Ford Fusion. Outside, both Accord and Coupe will have an LED daytime lights that pleasantly completed with curvaceous door. We also found that the body style will be more practical. Sedan will have a smaller but even racier compared to Accord Coupe. Through the exterior dimension, we heard that both of them will have a midsize-car-size spectrum noted that the Accord 2008-2012 became the largest one. While inside, the Sedan is similar to the Volkswagen Passat and Toyota Camry in order to set a roomy yet comfort interior. We should thankful about the airy ambiance through its cabin and the large windows. It has a good front-seat space, while the back –seat access and rear-passenger room has a stylish look. We will find smooth-working controls, solid workmanship, new dashboard design and also soft-touch surfaces for  New Honda Accord 2015.

2015 Honda Accord Hybrid Redesign 

For the engine, the company concerned on the Sedans hybrid that will be signed with headlamp lenses, unique wheels, rear spoiler, unique alloy wheels, reshaped front bumper and also blue-accented grille. Not only that, but the 2015 Honda Accord hybrid car is also promising about reduced weight through aluminum hood, hybrid logo that placed on the left-front fender and charging-port door. It also has an aerodynamic treatments. While about the engine, it has V-6 engine with alternative fuel powertrains.

2015 Honda Accord under the Hood 

Not only that, but we also heard that the car will have 2.4 liter of direct injection four that could even generates 185 horsepower with torque power through 181 pound-feet. With six-speed transmission available for four cylinder, it has a more efficient power. It is said that the car will have a smother four – cylinder engine due to create a perfect family-car concept for the capable powertrain of 2015 Honda Accord.

Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan Image Gallery

Here are photos given below from  previous version of Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan.

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2015 Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan