2015 Land Rover Defender USA

Friday, November 15th 2013. | Land Rover

2015 Land Rover Defender USA Pictures2015 Land Rover could be said as the most iconic for off-roaders car and known well for 67 years. At this time, we heard that the production is at the end. As we know that the first model is unveiled in 1983. The rumors started since 1948. The reason about the discontinuation itself is because the pressure of global emission regulations especially for the end of boxy Brit. That is why there will be a replacement vehicle to join Land Rover range named as Defender to come in the end.

2015 Land Rover Defender USA

2015 Land Rover for Defender is not available yet since 1998. It is said that the company will not update the truck in order to meet the safety regulations. The defender seems enjoy the superstar-like status especially for the Land Rover repair shops and the owners. Several sources said that the replacement will only for off – road which is similar with the original, but it is less of tractor-like so that it resembles something which even able to be driven every day. It seems that everything go wrong because it should get a right equipment and size. Not only that, but the car also must avoid too far from the original design for 2015 Land Rover.  

2015 Land Rover Engine

The engine said to be powered with V-8 and there will be diesel-powered versions. It is said that the 1960 version had 3.5 liter Buick that start its way to England. The car later has a slow transform even took many decades for the car to have TV’s tutelage with 5.0 liter in the end of 2006 and now known well as 2015 Land Rover. For the powertrain, it is said that the car has engine option as V-8 that use 5.0 liter especially for U.S. market. While several diesel engine options will be available for Europeans. The platform itself is in question. We predict that it could be a modified version through the LR4 or Range Rover Sport’s body or Evoque’s unibody.

2015 Land Rover Competition and Price

As usual, the car has two big competitors such as FJ Cruiser and also Jeep Wrangler. About the price, it is said that the cost could reach $40,000 and even it will ready to sale in the beginning of 2015. What we could do at this time while waiting more about the official information is to start saving more money to get 2015 Land Rover.

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2015 Land Rover Defender USA