2016 Honda Accord Sedan and Coupe

Wednesday, January 22nd 2014. | Honda

2016 Honda Accord Concept Coupe2016 Honda Accord will be designed in America and it will be followed by its sibling. It is a very soon talking about this model but we cannot deny Honda Accord have received best-selling. We have to confess that the car is so popular in Europe and U.S market. Besides, this Americanized car have achieved an award about best car for family.

2016 Honda Accord Exterior

2016 Honda Accord expected to have a different look even if in 2015 model it has a lot of changes. At least, this future version has its own characteristic and provide updated exterior look. For example, it is possible if the car comes with different paint offers so that it gives more chance for its enthusiasts to choose. As we know in 2015 model, it has a clean rim design. We are pretty sure that the company will keep it in 2016 model. Another exterior that will be kept could be the large Microsoft windows. Hopefully, there is enhanced for its headlights and taillights for 2016 Accord.

2016 Honda Accord Interior

On the other hands, we are waiting about the change in its interior. In 2015, the car comes with spacious cabin which is built in convenience. Not only has that, but the 2015 model also offers nice front-seat space and lovely rear-passenger space. Besides, 2016 Honda Accord is also completed with back-seat access which is built in a smooth design. For 2016 model, at least the company could provide new features since at this time it is being the main attraction in interior. For example, the future version should offer a larger screen display or a refined dashboard.

2016 Honda Accord Engine

Gladly, some rumors said that the car will come with hybrid version in 2016. We think that it is a good news because it will be a new option for its enthusiast. Basically, the 2015 model is rumored to have new engine edition. If it so, it means that the 2016 model has a big possibility to use the same engine as it is used for the 2015 version. It is also reported that the next version which is 2015 model will come with new plug-in multiple engine in order to enhance the engine performance and reduce energy intake. We are pretty sure that this future car will use the same as the 2015 engine that is 4-cylinder engine 2.4 liter .

2016 Honda Accord Release Date

2016 Honda Accord is predicted to come in the market in the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016.

2016 Honda Accord Image Gallery

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2016 Honda Accord Sedan and Coupe